The circus has not only come to town, but it has hired suspicious ghosts from the past.

All of this is to add another theory that Caylee Anthony could have been kidnapped by more than one person.

By piling on, the defense is trying to make “without reasonable doubt”  more than just a law term.

The Casey Anthony defense team wants to depose a new witness, a man convicted of kidnapping whom defense attorneys said had contact with their client’s father in July 2008.

According to Anthony’s attorneys,  Vasco Thompson who currently lives in Orlando, had unexplained communications with George Anthony.

 The defense claims that the communication occurred during the time Casey Anthony’s daughter, Caylee, was reported missing. Attorneys said there were four communications on July 14, 2008, a day before the Anthony family learned that Casey Anthony’s car was towed from an Amscot parking lot. Family members said the car reeked of the smell of death.

 It’s not known who contacted whom or if Thompson and George Anthony talked to each other.

 In 1987, Thompson pleaded no contest to kidnapping and was sentenced to prison, according to jail records. He was released in 2004.

 Mark Lippman, the attorney representing the Anthony family, said George Anthony does not know Thompson and has never heard of his name.

 Lippman issued a statement Wednesday afternoon about the matter, saying that his client does not recall communicating with Thompson in any way. He said the defense has not identified who initiated the calls or how long the calls were.

 The Anthony defense team recently sent an investigator to talk to Thompson, but defense attorneys said he would not cooperate.