It appears to most of us that at times, justice is not being served here in Detroit. The Federal government works very slow and methodically at acquiring evidence to use against a perpetrator of the law. I’m sure Kwame’s sister Ayanna thinks since they haven’t touched her yet, she is home safe. What I don’t understand is why would she put her name out there with her brother’s book deal? Why bring your name out into the discussion at all knowing the Feds are waiting to bring you down. I guess it is the arrogance of the entire family. You can’t touch us! We are royalty!

The Kilpatrick Civic Fund has had some issues. Specifically, with Kwame and family using a charity fund to pay for vacations, moving expenses, postage, etc. Kwame’s sister, Ayanna Monifa Kilpatrick Ferguson, says she is the head of the fund. Her home address is listed as the office. She is paid $43k/year to be the head of the fund. Ayanna’s husband and Kwame’s brother in law, Daniel Franklin Lyton a.k.a. Daniel Franklin Ferguson III, weren’t too happy to receive questions about the fund. Especially the one about why Ayanna herself was the recipient of the fund’s largest gift, $65,000.

A home where former Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick once shoved two county sheriffs handing a family friend a subpoena could be headed to the auction block. The home, one of several turn-the-century colonials on the city’s historic LaSalle Boulevard, is scheduled to go to auction July 1. Ayanna Kilpatrick will have six months to pay the remaining balance.

7435 LaSalle Boulevard in Detroit, home of Kilpatrick’s sister Ayanna and her husband, Daniel, is in foreclosure. Kilpatrick’s sister and brother-in-law owe more than $210,000 on a mortgage, according to The Detroit News and Detroit Free Press via Detroit Legal News. Ayanna Kilpatrick and Ferguson live next door to matriarch and state senator Carolyn Cheeks Kilpatrick.